Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain Biography

Imam Muhammed Asim Hussain was born on the 14th of February 1990 in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire. The Imam began his primary education of the Arabic Language at an early age of fifteen under the guidance of his spiritual teacher Mufti Qazi Hasan Raza for a year, before going to Jamia Al Karam, Nottingham at the age of sixteen in the year 2006. There the Imam under the guidance of his teachers, in particular Shaykh Muhammed Imdad Hussain Pirzada, began studying the traditional Dars-e-Nizami course over the period of three years. In July 2009 the Imam graduated and the opportunity of serving as an Imam arose through the guidance of his shyukh.

Two weeks after his graduation he was appointed as the head Imam of Al Madina Masjid in Barking, East London. A masjid that holds upto 2,500 people on Jummah and Eid Prayers..

On March 17th 2012 aged 22 years old, Imam Muhammed Asim was honoured with recieving Khilafat in the Chishti and Qadri Sufi orders from their Honourable teacher and guide Shaykh Muhammed Imdad Hussain Pirzada.

Imam Muhammed Asim is quickly growing to become a popular Imam and Speaker amongst Muslim youth in the UK. Renowned for speeches on contemporary issues and a "down to earth and on the level" approach that relates to all age groups.

Imam Muhammed Asim tirelessly travels throughout the UK to inspire the youth to the way of Islam through his lectures, Imam Muhammed Asim has delivered talks throughout the UK and Europe major cities, such as Oslo, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Slough, Watford, Blackburn, Bolton, Halifax, Rochdale, Oldham, Derby, Luton, Bedford, Reading, High Wycombe and many more.

After serving 3 years as Khateeb and Head Imam of Al Madina Masjid in Barking. Currently Imam Asim lectures in Manchester Central Mosque as Jummah Khateeb and also in various Mosques in and around the North of England.

Imam Asim is currently back in Jamia Al Karam to continue his Studies for 3 more years under the guidance of his Shaykh Muhammed Imdad Hussain Pirzada. Allah make it easy for him.